Our Story

The Thistledown Shoppe was a dream that started back in 2005. During that time I, and my knitting group spent many hours researching and looking for the right place.  In May of 2007 I was fortunate to find a spot in Suttons Bay and opened on June 29, 2007.

My knitting group has been my advisory board.  And since opening the shoppe I have been fortunate in having others help me make the shoppe an inviting and fun place.

I can’t really say what made me chose the name Thistledown Shoppe, other than my background includes Scottish ancestors, I have always been fascinated by things Celtic, and my husband was born and raised in Scotland.  Plus I just like the feeling of the name.

We present you with the opportunity to becomepart of a community.  It is our philosophy to offer you friendly service and options for your fiber work.  Join us in expanding your creative horizon.

The Wee Shoppe with a Big Heart, 


Thistledown Shoppe

Thistledown Shoppe

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